The residents and staff at Kingsway feel at home and part of a community that affirms the dignity and diversity of each individual. Whether it's the smile you receive  at the door, the helping hand with groceries or the lively cafe conversation, it's clear people enjoy life and all that Kingsway has to offer.


Resident Testimonials

“I love living here because of the people. The staff and management make sure we are cared for. Thank God, it’s a safe place, it’s tranquil, and I’ve loved it since I first moved here. I have no regrets…it’s the best place I’ve lived my entire life.”-    Carmen Mojica

“It’s marvelous. Kingsway is the best thing that has happened to us in America.”
(“De maravilla. Lo mejor que nos puede haber sucedido en América.” ) -   
Gustavo Avendano

“I love living here. It’s the best apartment complex I’ve lived in my life, and outside of living in a house, I would rather live here than anywhere else. I’m very happy; the people are great and management is terrific"- Dave Fox

  “The great gift that God has given me was to direct me here. I always prayed that He would guide me to a place where I would feel comfortable. First of all the management office is invaluable. Everyone that lives here is like family. I have a corner apartment with lots of windows and that’s what I have always dreamed of. I am very happy and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.” - Miriam Toro

 (“Lomejor que me pudo haber dado Dios fue haberme traído a vivir aquí. Yo siempre le pedí que me trajera a una parte donde yo me sintiera confortable;  me siento muy bien aquí primero que todo hay un grupo de administración incalculable porque se vive en una familia y tengo una apartamento en equina con ventanas de lado a lado y siempre ha sido mi sueño. Soy feliz súper feliz nunca cambiaria este edificio por ningún otro.”)