Michael and Jamie Kennedy visiting with John and Kathy Chung, Kingsway residents

Michael and Jamie Kennedy visiting with John and Kathy Chung, Kingsway residents

Mission Statement

King's Daughters and Sons Housing, Inc. strives to provide safe, affordable housing to low income elders of all races, cultures, and religious backgrounds age sixty two or older. We are a faith-based community that encourages all residents to live, and to age with purpose, dignity and meaning.

With an unwavering commitment to providing area seniors with quality, affordable housing, the affiliated organizations that operate Kingsway Senior Housing bring over a century of senior service, housing management, and property development history that continue to carry forward a mission of serving the elderly          

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be the premier provider of low income senior housing with services in Connecticut. We will strive to extend the reach of our impact, whether through housing, services, or a combination of both, to disadvantaged seniors across the community, state, and region.



King's Daughters and Sons Housing, doing business as Kingsway Senior Housing, is a non-profit organization formed in 1969 in response to a growing need for affordable senior housing in Southwestern Connecticut. Our sponsor, The Norwalk Town Union of the King's Daughters and Sons, is a non-profit charitable organization originally created in 1896. The Norwalk Town Union provided original development support during Kingsway's construction in 1969, and continues to provide capital support for advancing our mission.

Utilizing the HUD Section 236 program, with operating support from the HUD Section 8 funds, Kingsway sought to provide affordable housing and ancillary services to the senior residents of Norwalk and surrounding communities. Since Kingsway's inception, our goals have been to help seniors remain safe and independent, enhance dignity and self-esteem, and offer opportunities for a stimulating, enjoyable, and dynamic life while aging in place.

Our highly qualified team of property managers, compliance and leasing specialists, resident service coordinators, and maintenance professionals have dedicated themselves to Kingsway's resident-centered approach to housing management. We offer 122 updated apartments, 20 of which comprise fully ADA and UFAS compliant Assisted Living units.